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帰った時スペシャル🌟(最後聞こえずらいけど寂しいって言ってます) 〜 Reika Oozeki

Getting home special 🌟(The last bit is hard to hear but I’m saying that I’m sad)

Getting home.

Primary schoolers: I’M HUNGRY!

Middle schoolers: I’m so tired from club activities!

High schoolers: BOOBS!

University students: 

Working adults: I’M SO SADDD-


The lovely Estinal has generously shared and translated some of the important parts in Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends to HYRK. ^^x Some scenes didn’t make it to the movie but were included in the official live action movie novelization. For details, you can read HYRK’s review and recap of Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends.

Thank you so much, Estinal! We’re excited for the next installments (that is, if you’re still up for it!). ^^x

We got a major feels attack after reading the first translated scene thus, the corresponding photoset. Please don’t repost these translations to other websites without permission and proper credit. Spoilers under the cut. Enjoy! ^^x

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oh my jesus mary god (x)

Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time 


Beetlejuice (1988)

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Wh-what kind of dream is this?!

dean+ food (requested by liampavnes)

Mary and Max; 2009

Our  b e s t  and  b r i g h t e s t .

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